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down to taxing the rich. how can they not realize this is what the country wants? >> i don't think that the republican leadership cares what the country wants. i think they care about what their biggest donors want and their big donors want to reorganize america so that -- because they believe that the rich don't have enough money and the poor have too much. so what we're hearing here is an expression of an et you logical idea that we need american society to be cost competitive with places like china. that means giving rich people even more money. and we're not going to standby. >> as i was listening to the president's statement, when he said that he appealed to them, he brought them together, there was some progress. but he also says if it goes over the deadline, he's calling only senator reid to call for an up and down vote. explain the significance of that. s isn't that really based on the fact that the public has said in numerous polls their support of this isn't that really a roll call to the american public on who stands where? >> yes, as a matter of fact, what the president
somewhere in the middle of where both parties stand. and we also know that if we don't act, 100% of the american people are going to start feeling an impact of higher taxes. i honestly don't worry about the millionaires and billionaires at all. i don't worry about the people who are fine, who don't even really know or care that much about a tax hike that takes them back to the clinton years when they did very well. i don't worry about those folks. i worry about the folks in the middle. and there are always arguments about what is that line? and some say the middle class is at $75,000, some say $150,000, some even go higher because there are states like my state that are very high cost-of-living states. but we know, if we're going to get a deal, we're going to have to meet somewhere in the middle. to me, if we fail, it will be a very, very sad moment in history. and i hear a lot of talk about the sequester. well, mr. president, i don't know exactly how you voted, but i want to say that i voted for a sequester, if we couldn't find savings as part of a debt limit deal. and i'm not
don't you tackle the next quarter. you eat yet? polynesian? pu pu platter? yup! keep up the good work. i will keep up the good work. do more with the new samsung galaxy note ii. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> clark: i like what they've shown in terms of grit, and tenacity, and persistence, even when they went down by 17 earlier in this half. >> tim: you just wonder when, in a scramble situation, what guard might pick up a fifth foul. ware is rejected by cauley-stein. >> clark: get back into play if you're cauley-stein, you don't want to take yourself out of the play by diving unnecessarily. >> tim: shot clock at 10. smith. >> clark: i thought siva may have committed a foul before we went to the l
of lights and music. so why casa? >> the lowest people in society i guess are foster children. they don't have a choice. they're in a situation. they can't make decisions for themselves. so they do need someone to help represent them. that's why i chose to help them out. >> thousands of lights, thousands of dollars and thousands of smiles. now that's the reason to celebrate. ♪ >> really pretty to see. if you would like to see that display, head to zire's home athrong 800 block of festival avenue. it runs through tomorrow night at 10:00. you can all donate by heading to wbal >> definitely a labor of love. chances are you're not keeping every holiday gift you receive. up next what you need to know before making a return. >> are you taking back my gift? >> a story of broken dreams and lost love in 19th century france. our movie critics are here with the review of "les mis." >> plus you can e-mail your pet questions to pet questions wbal >> experts estimate americans spent more than $110 billion on gift cards this year. but if you received a gift card in your stocking, the
good morning, derrick. >> reporter: don't let the quiet behind me fool you. there's electricity in the air here. take a look. got video of the past game day here at fedex field, and of course this game is one of the stored rivalries in the nfl. the skins coming in off a six-game winning streak and the cowboys coming off of a four-game winning streak. if the skins lose they could still go into the playoffs, and that is if the bears lose. and you might want to bring a blanket, because it's going to be nippy, and of course you will be warm with a lot of your friends. a lot of dallas friends in this town as well, and a lot of redskins to cheer them on. what better way to end the season than with the possibilities of going forward. we are live here at fedex field. back to you. >>> if you are headed to the game you will need a lot of luck staying warm as derrick mentioned. don't forget that stadium blanket. >> for that we go to team 4 meteorologist, kim martucci, and she tells us about the weather and the redskins game. >> we have the redskins forecast, and it will feel like the middl
? >> yeah. >> and that is 18 for me. >> run the ball. >> okay. >> stop the other team on defense and don't let dallas get out. they have skilled players. >> you better believe. >> and they have some weapons. >> romo is okay. >> okay. >> the key is if the redskins secondary can shut down those skill players, the running game is okay. >> yeah. >> and that is -- . >> yes. >> they have to stop the long ball. >> and i would agree with that and that is what they do. >> right. >> and my concern is the other side of the ball. >> okay. >> and if i am the redskins with the knee, that is where it comes in for me. >> right. >> and -- . >> i don't think his knee is going to be okay, dave. >> you don't think so? >> and that is two weeks. >> that is how it works. >> and they can crash down. >> and can the redskins be the one? >> yes, they can. >> and this is a rivalry game and now, with rg3 and that big brace and bad knee, that is other key compope want for the game. >> and if you're talking about the pocket passers, you have to protect them in the pocket and that is an offensive line that might not be
handle a lot of the heavy lifting today, please, after about a -- >> you look good, joe. you don't look worse for the wear. how late did it go? >> i think we were -- like after 12:00. 12:30. >> you were tweeting me after 12:00. >> why was he up? oh, i know why you were at. >> i assume you continued the tailgating after that, then. >> no. but i definitely got behind some of the other -- i mean, i was not quite up to snuff with some of the other fans as we were exiting. >> those guys had been at it a little longer than you have? >> jae. you definitely don't want to say, hey, watch it, buddy. >> go redskins, right, and get out of the way? >> right. >> it's more dangerous to go to a game in philly. >> is it, really? >> yeah. they throw batteries and -- >> becky, i'm sorry about rutgers again. we didn't get to talk about that. three straight disappointments. there's always next year. are you ready for the big -- >> ready for notre dame. we have notre dame coming up, too. something else to look forward to. do you guys see any lawmakers? are you for notre dame over the tide? >> yeah. sorry, be
needs to hear what she says so he can make comments about i agree with her, i don't agree with her. it makes sense to have her go first. >> clinton's spokesman has not said where the blood clot is located. doctors not involved in her case say if in her legs it's easily treatable. if in the lungs or brain, it would be potentially more dan r dangerous. and doctors want to make sure there are no underlying conditions that led to the clot. she has not announced her future plans but is widely considered the democratic front-runner if she chooses to make another run for the white house in 2016. willie? >> andrea mitchell, thank you. dr. roshini raj is a contributing medical editor. we know weeks ago she fantd as a result of dehydration and the flu. how do we get from there to a blood clot? >> it's a little murky. she did have a concussion after the fall. but to go from a concussion to a blood clot is not the common consequence. however if she was in bed, immobilized, people who have surgery or on long plane rides, because they're not moving so much, can develop a blood clot. if perhaps
on the horizon. >> for the record, i was squinting to see the picture. i cannot tell until i saw the rings. don't go anywhere, saturday news extra is coming up after this. captioned by the national captioning institute >> as the clock ticks down lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are trying to hammer out a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. >> just three days to go, a breakdown of how the negotiations went today and what happens next. >> in washington, there is still hope that a deal could be done to avoid the fiscal cliff. all eyes were on the senate today where negotiators were trading revenue figures to try to reach an agreement all sides can agree with. the baseline for the president and the bipartisan deal would have to extend unemployment benefits that would affect 2 million americans and it would have to increase taxes on the highest income earners. the negotiators will still have to work out where exactly the tax increases would hit and whether they would stop the increase of the estate tax. the president has asked democratic leader harry reid to prepare a
for a meeting on friday. if they can't reach a deal, taxes go up on all of us. plus, don't forget the impact on your 401k. audrey barns joins us with the latest. >> reporter: everyone involved in a meeting between republican and democratic leaders described it as productive, yet it didn't produce an agreement and there are two days left to get it done to avoid automatic tax hikes and across-the-board spending cuts. lawmakers involved in the white house summit vowed to keep chipping away at the sticking points to reach a deal. while senate minority leader mitch mcconnell struck an optimistic tone, senate majority leader harry reid sounded cautious, warning americans whatever they come up with by sunday won't be perfect. after the meeting, president obama made it clear failure is not an option. >> if we don't see an agreement between the two leaders and the senate, i expect a beam to -- bill to go on the floor, and i have asked senator reid to do this, put a bill on the floor that taxes on the middle class families don't go up, that unemployment insurance is available for 2 million people, and
far today. over the past 48 hours, more than 2,500 flights. authorities say, if you don't have to be out here, stay home and be safe. >> it's not just the snow falling but it's the unseen wind. we had 74-mile-per-hour wind gusts on this storm. strong winds, up to 70 miles per hour, throughout the day. all of america's forecast in about a minute. >>> we saw the snow in washington, d.c. yesterday. that's what president obama will be returning to this morning, cutting his hawaii vacation short because of the looming fiscal cliff deadline. it is now just five days away. is there any movement on either side? how many times can we ask this question of abc chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl, joining us this morning. dare i ask, where we stand this morning? >> reporter: good news and bad news. the president's coming back to washington. the senate's coming back. they're ready to strike a deal. the bad news, josh, no progress whatsoever. and in fact, the treasury department said that the government on monday will hit the limit of how much money we can borrow to run the govern
but it is just too cold and the power is out and i don't like it when the power is out. >> i'm from iowa originally. i moved here about 30 years ago to get way from this. >> reporter: overnight, winds gusted to hurricane force on the jersey shore. they can't get a break after hurricane sandy. and thunder in new york central park. this weather system has impacted coast-to-coast, either the entire country getting snow, wind or rain or tornadoes. >> a lot of us heard that thunder in new york city. >> over 9300 flights have been cancelled or delayed by the storm and more problems today. erica hill is at laguardia's airport. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. up until 15, 20 minutes ago, there weren't many delays at laguardia. we're just learning there is a delay of an hour for inbound flights because of wind issues. almost 40 flights cancelled at new arc. over 350 flight cancellations so far this morning, most in the northeast, much better than the numbers yesterday where we saw more than 1600 flights cancelled because of this storm. many people are still stranded, trying to get home f
to fix it. we have some great ideas to fix the fiscal cliff blues. try flying first class and don't pay for it. welcome to "the willis report." hello, everybody. i am gerri willis. tonight congress is pushing america up a fiscal cliff of its own making. president obama and the senate back in washington today trying to get some kind of a deal done, that is what they say, but nothing will likely come in time. harry reid spent the day moaning about how bad of a speaker john boehner is good the house is set to return sunday afternoon just one day before the end of the year. nearly 90% of americans will be hit with $500 billion in tax hikes and spending cuts. as we head off a cliff, what can you and your family expect come january 2? president of the american action reform joins me now. so, windows narrowing, what can we expect from here? >> if we literally go on autopilot and they fail to change course, i am worried about the economy. some sharp equity market attractions, consumer confidence has already begun, lots and lots of notices sent out, layoffs scaring people to death. this is not a
would give you 120%. still in shock. i don't want to believe it. it is rough. >> the police are not saying how and why the two men met. we know that there was a struggle and the man was stabbed. >> d.c. police are investigating a shooting in southeast. shots rang out at 8:00 this evening in the 5000 block of errors place. the details of the shooting are sketchy. the victim was found lying in the middle of the road, not yet identified. detectives are canvassing the carrier, searching for crews lues. d.c. police say a teenager was hit by a car and a second time by an suv. the suv driver did not stop. the police did not have a description, but they're looking for a tan suv with d.c. plates. >> the case of a missing university of maryland student has taken a sad turn. he disappeared 10 days ago, but it was found at a parking lot in bowie. investigators believe he took his own life. they say he had not spoken to friends or family since december 19. >> and emotional gathering in arlington as funeral services were held for jason emma, who was shot and killed in northeast on monday.
in the backseat i don't know what you reaching for dude. make sure i see your hand at all times. >> reporter: as the night progresses. >> i haven't been convicted of anything. i'm not a bad person. >> you're killing me man. you have an condition al bris let -- ankle bracelet and everything like that. >> reporter: to these seasoned experts, the signs are obvious. >> pull that over. >> reporter: police say on a typical weekend night one out of seven drivers leaving a local bar is a dwi. the average violator drives under the influence 80 times a year. that's once every four to five nights. >> how much you had to drink tonight? >> i had one drink. >> you had just one drink? hold your head still. >> reporter: this dre can tell after the eye exam the driver is above the legal limit. >> he has a slurred speech. red watery bloodshot eyes. he has present all six clues. you're not in charge, i am. >> reporter: and here's a little known fact. you can refuse a breathalyzer except when you're driving on a federal road and stopped by a federal officer. bw parkway and park police meet both standards. >> le
the problem going into effect january 1st. if they don't, we will see massive tax increases and deep spending cuts. a number of economists worry the financial woes will plunge the state into a recession. the house returns later today. those lawmakers could be in session until january 2nd. that's the day before the new congress is sworn in as for the u.s. senate, they reconvened yesterday. >> we have been swamped with the news of the fiscal cliff but locally, cliff. a law was passed five years ago to require home owners to fill out a one time application to update the data base and cut out the fraud. you can only get a credit on your main home not a rental or a second home. >> i've he been a homeowner for over 30 years so i want my money. >> everybody has gotten at least two applications mailed directly a their premise address. >> so if you or someone you know foregist by the end of the dead -- forgets by the end of the deadline you will lose out on next year's credit. >>> other top stories for you this morning. the country is mourning the loss of a decorated war hero. retired general norman s
be very dangerous for anyone. we don't know where that blood clot is, that could be a very significant issue. in fact, her travel was on hold until the middle of the month. benghazi hearings, she will be many coing back this week. looking forward to work and ready to testify up on capitol hill. so all of that will be on hold obviously until they figure out what's going on. >> keep us posted for certain. we expect the best. back in 1998 she call it a blood clot and called it one of the scariest mediciedical experienc her life. >> if you had one before, you are at higher risk, and if you travel a lot, the blood flow may be compressed, benning your legs like that, and with the concussion, one of the things she was told was to rest. not easy for her to do, i can tell you for a fact. that may be part of the inactivity. >> and we don't know what the cause is. back in 1998, it was deep vain thrombosis. >> dvt, a clot in one of the leg veins, in and of itself, not a problem, but it can break off and go to the lungs, called a pulmonary embolism, she is on blood thinners, and you treat the brain
, to be a redskins fan. in case you don't know, the team is on its way to the playoffs for the first time since 2007. >> quite cause to celebrate. the victory song is till ringing in the ears of the fans who were at fedex field last night. ♪ chp [ cheers and applause ] >>> one of those voices in the thick of it all our own dan hellie. are you still running on adrenaline? i want i don't know who isn't. the first time in aeons, what an improbable run for the redskins from 3-6 to 10-6, division champions, they have now won seven straight. you know what some people have said in the past is very trier. it's not always the best team that wins the super bowl, but the hottest team. right now the redskins are one of the hottest. mike shanahan says he doesn't know if he's ever seen anything like this. >> i don't think i've ever been 3-6 and ever had seven in a you row. i don't think so. so it's a great feeling. >> i think it's safe to say i'm the -- i was 9-year-old in 1999. the sky's the limit for this team not only this year, but in the future. we are definitely looking to capitalize on it this year. >> w
on band is here keeping the '70s alive. don't miss their performance coming up at 9:45. ♪ burn, baby burn ♪ >> they have quite a set up. >> they were here at 5:00 in the morning with their truck loading in, and we've been hearing them all morning through the walls. they're incredible. >> i think there's still people coming off the truck. how many people are in this band, it's amazing. >> that's great. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's check in with tucker barnes who is probably dancing in the weather center. you can probably hear them down there, too. >> i can hear them, but i'm not going to make anybody watch me dance. let's get to the forecast. lots to talk about. no issues today. partly sunny with highs in the low 40s. reagan national 38 degrees. bulls and bwi marshall, 34. cold start. limited sunshine as we have clouds working in from the west. looking at our satellite radar, want to show you the storm system, next one, getting its act together in tennessee, alabama, mississippi. that is quick moving, heading our direction. not a lot of moisture, but enough
really well. >> and hot boots. >> charcoal booty, comfortable, not too high. >> if you don't want a dress, that's a great a a alternative. >> our next model is lee ann. we have a lot of metallics and layering of jewelry and this is more of a classic body. a shashana dress. easy, bra friendly and fun with a sparkle and we layered jewelry, the ring, teal. good pop of color there. >> thank you very much. this is cleopatra. >> yes. this is a fan favorite, this dress. this has been so much fun. spin around and show the back. >> wow! >> love the back. >> va-va-voom. >> a stunning dress, definitely a statement piece. >> she wears it well. >> yes. it's comfortable, it's not form fitted. this is an awesome piece, definitely one of our favorites. >> that is great. you look gorgeous in that. thank you very much. this is breaking up the block coloring here. >> a couple of key trends here. the metallic and sparkle and this is also very, very comfortable dress and spin you around and we have the cut-outs. >> can we move her hair? >> yes also another fun trend. cut-outs are big for the spring, as well s
impressed. >> i don't think i've ever been 3 and 6 and ever had 7 in a row. no, i don't think so. i don't think i've ever been anywhere close to that to be honest with you. >> i think everybody believed in what we had. it was about going out and executing it. when your back's pressed against the wall, a lot of times it will make that come out of you. and everybody stepped up big. and after the buy week, one game at a time. >> yes, it is and one game at a time. 7 straight wins now. seattle come in here . we'll talk about wilson. seattle against the redskins 4:30 fed ex field and that's where we find melanie out there all morning long. and again, it's not even what 12 hours removed? what's it like out there. can you see the remnants of a great evening at fed ex? >> reporter: yeah, you can. definitely there were people out here partying last night and all for a good reason. long time fans are saying that this team is really reminding them of the glory days of the 1980s. and been talking about alfred morris all morning with him setting that rushing record. the 2012 squad itself the team als
, you don't understand. he was want trying to single out for know. he was trying to get for all of the states. i wanted to get an opt out in case the state wanted to opt out. finally the supreme court gave that. but it got used against me while i was drying something that i shouldn't have. and actually i was not. and the interesting thing is i was asked to do this by the nebraska governor, and i did finally get an thank you from another governor from another state. >> that wasn't the so-called kickback. >> that's right. >> during the time you experienced the radio talk show host circuit and the table tv circuit. what was the period like? what do you think that echo chamber in american policy today does for the system? >> the echo chamber is a difficult thing to deal with it. it's not just broadcast, it's the blogs, the tweets, all the electronic communications today. whey found . >> that's been during the twelve years. in 2000 we didn't have . >> that's right. suddenly, you know, and i think i was prepared for what would happen with that i certainly wasn't. as a matter of fact i
been swammed with news of a fiscal cliff where your property rates could rise if you don't take action. for half a million marylanders, they may be missing out on free money. we have more on that. >> reporter: we are talking about losing hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars if the homestead tax credit mick -- application is not filled out. we learned that many people are finding out about the deadline from the news. we will keep saying it until the end of the year. when the holiday lights go out, the bills start to pile up and any financial break is important to turn the lights on. >> we have been a homeowner owner i want my money. >> don't we all, the homestead tax credit went intoe if you into -- in the 70s and the credit is good for your home, not vacation homes. >>> we have plenty of properties getting credit that they are not entitled to. >> lawmakers came up with another plan, a one time application to update the database and cut out the fraud. >> our governor likes to tax and he will do it without telling us. >> everybody has gotten two applications mailed to their premi
they went but they did. so that's part of the hatred of the whole exodus. >> they don't have manning anymore. >>> if a new look for your bathroom is your new year's resolution, we help for you tonight. charley crowson shows you four things you can do. >> reporter: she devoted countless hours of scrubbing. instead of redoing the floors, she hired a company to reseal the grout for about $350. >> now it's back to where it was a lovely shade of gray. it's sealed. i don't have to worry about it. it was very inexpensive, very inexpensive choice for something that looks -- it's a dramatic change. >> reporter: while a full-scale bathroom remodel can cost tens of thousands of dollars, there are simple updates you can make. >> remodeling your bathroom can be overwhelming but one of the best returns on investment. you can get up to 5% return but -- 58 -- 85% but you don't have top spend a lot. change the tile or the handle. >> reporter: you don't have to rip out the shower tile or tile floor. if the tile is in good shape consider regrouting, sealing are a stain -- or staining. >> if the shower is in ba
. don harrison explain what the labor dispute means for us. >> reporter: the port is one the main economic generators in the state of maryland. we have it over 14,000 jobs at this port. 1500 of those are ila labor jobs. those union long shore men could walk off the job sunday morn figure a new contract isn't settled. unions say it'll shut down the two largest terminals at the port where cars, farm equipment and cargo containers delivered. the port administration hopes a work stop age can be avoided. >> we are again hopeful that there will be an agreement before the deadline. we are going forward with our plans to accommodate if that agreement isn't met. >> reporter: the port administration is working on a back up plan. part of it would open two terminals only open during the week to business on the weekends. >> we want to make sure we can get as much cargo moving as possible leading up to the work stop age. . >> reporter: as issue are the usual wages and health care but one major sticking point is container rayalties. they were put in place in the 60s. both sides are supposed to
're doing something about it. don harrison recently went along for a ride to see what they're doing to stop drinking and driving. >> holiday parties go hand in hand. they want to make sure drinking and driving don't. so far this year there have been over 1400 dwi arrests in the county, 68 in december so far. >> i need you to park your truck. >> reporter: eric is one main reason why. >> saved lives. >> reporter: eric spent 8 1/2 years on the shift. >> getting an empaired driver off the roadway. >> reporter: it's not just a drunk driver but dangerous driving, too this car was going 92 miles an hour in a 40-mile-an-hour zone. when eric put his lights and sirens on, the car sped up and continued to run until he sped into a driveway. the driver was a 17-year-old boy. >> i have you above 90 miles an hour in a 40-mile-an-hour zone. >> reporter: the pairntion police said, was his father. >> you're letting him drive like that? >> are you going to speak to me? >> reporter: the driver was given a $405 speeding ticket. >> now their lives are forever changed because one person decided to get behind the
that was presented in johnson's bail review. we don't know how they believe the tape will support their case against john son. the state wants to close the courtroom when the tape is played but the defense will argue it should romaine hope because that is michael johnson's constitutional right. the trial date is still scheduled for january 22nd this issue will have to be ironed out before then. we'll have are on and abc2 news at 11 as the attorneys speak to us about their defense. cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> baltimore is bracing for a snowstorm. more than 2700 people are getting ready for tomorrow's big storm. they were clearing drains and checking equipment. many plow drivers will go on the clock right at midnight tonight. >> one step ahead of mother nature. crews are out. this is a proactive strategy to put a salt brine down. it gives our crews more time. >> drivers can prepare themselves by getting their own vehicles ready. check the fluids and your wiper blades right now. >>> abc2 will be with you bringing you the latest updates on the storm. tune. mike masco will be tracking the w
, indeed, normally have incredible energy and stamina. this is a very big setback. so much we don't know. >> including where in her body this blot is. that could have a big significance in how it's treated and the seriousness of it. >> reporter: that's true. i asked if the clot is in her head or her leg, they will not say. they have said she has other issues from the concussion but won't swhat they are. >> it's puzzling, the lack of information, given the republican charges of benghazi flu or a diplomatic illness when they were failing to believe she was as sick as she was. >> reporter: the clintons are notoriously private. they just don't say much, especially about issues like this. >> have you dealt with something like this, where there's so little information forthcoming? >> reporter: i can't say i have. over the last few weeks, they've come back at us saying you're making it sound too serious. clearly, there are serious things going on. it raises more questions when you know so very little. >> all right, thank you so much. we're joined by chief health and medical editor dr. richard b
of it. >> yes. absolutely right dan. we begin to see the atmosphere moisture inup and here's don don. you notice the darker green where the rainy is actually hitting the ground. coast up in may rip county even over the golden gate bridge we see returns but mostly it is offshore and as we go closer to the north bay highway 101 clover dale and santa rosa light rain but most of it still in the higher elevations. highway 1 the more rural areas but right now through tiburon golden gate bridge wet weather and drizzle over in berkeley. orinda pretty good right now but first south we may have a little drizzle counsel through san ramone valley definitely cloudy and it has been cold today along the coast you will notice you are looking at few returns but the timing of the system has it coming in pretty much overnight and once again more widely scattered through the overnight hours. ping has cold air with the system and we'll talk about high surf advisory too and what the new years forecast is a little bit later. >> thanks very much. >> with all the rain bay area reservoir are overflowing wit
was trying to tie it altogether. >> i don't bring coal to anybody. i can't do it. >> that was a bad connection. >> i thought you said cold. >> i did, too. >> i will leave it alone. >> let's do the weather. if you are out doing last minute shopping here, it's not going to be a beautiful day. we have clouds on the increase. eventually showers in here and it could start at the onset as a little period of mix, wintry mix. by that i mean a few snowflakes, maybe a few ice pellets. some of the sleet that we see this time of year as the system moves in. the timing on this very small wintry event will be 1:00, 2:00. >> there is the radar. you can see the activity in the carolinas, pushing to southwest virginia. we are several hours away before any rain shower activity arrives. temperatures are cold enough for winter weather right now. 33 at reagan national. cold chunk of air across the northeastern corridor here. 25 up in binghamton. 26 this morning in pittsburgh. 28 in detroit. here is the forecast today. generally just going to be rain showers. we will get a push of warm air ahead of the p
to want to try and give that deal a chance. that may be what's happening right now. of course, we don't know. i think right now, no news might be good news. we snow senator mcconnell's been in his office for more than hour now working with his staff. senator reid is not here yet. it does seem like the republicans are perhaps either working with other republicans or working out the details of this possible deal. i think we're in the real working hours right now, and perhaps the less said by these major players at least for the moment, the better. >> the yes, well, let's hope that's the case. jessica, both sides still seem to be aways from what they want and everyone seems to be saying no one is going to get 100% of what they want, right? >> it's a compromise. everybody knows that at this point. i know the staffs of the two leaders are in touch and contacting each other trying to get closer. i can tell you what democrats want is, as you know and the president has made clear, a tax increase for people who make households that make $250,000 and more. an extension of unemployment benefits
be an increase. also some agreement -- we don't have the details yet on the inheritance tax or the estate tax. also steps to protect middle class taxpayers from what's known as the alternative minimum tax. interesting part of this whole tax discussion is we are told that the tax decisions made would be permanent so that there wouldn't be one of these deadlines that would create another one of these crisises. that's an issue that we don't often see when lawmakers decide on taxes. there's usually an end point, so they have a chance to go at it again. we're told that permanent is the word of the day. we're also told anything could change as they get closer. lots of constructive conversation, i'm told. the vice president's involvement has been described as being very helpful because he understands how lawmakers think and has good relationships here. that's the latest as we know it. republicans plan to meet with their conference today if there's something to talk about. the president's plan to speak at 1:30 has taken some people very close to this by surprise. chris. >> kelly, i just very quickly
or if you don't, here is what you need to know about seeing the showdown. the parking lots open at 3:30 this afternoon and you can get into the stadium at 5:30. trains will run from the morgan boulevard station for an additional hour. if you want to brave the cold, get this, there are tickets. in the upper sections, they start at $225. catch our pregame show "redskins showdown," and then stick around for news4 at 11:00, and that's followed by redskins final. >>> if we make it's to the playoffs, rg3, a rookie quarterback, doing it for the first time. >> your eyes are sparkling. >> yeah, i am so excited. all of us sporting burgundy. >>> just how soon could construction start for the redskins. >>> and wait until you see how much the same system dumped elsewhere. >>> and we are tracking another ♪ i -- i got it, i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made, i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say ♪ [ male announcer ] at subway, you got it made. try a steak, egg white & cheese, tricked out any way you want. subway. eat fresh. >>> well, it might n
that. he has offered the principle. he is going to make sure the taxes don't go up for 98% of americans. and that some of the spending cuts don't happen. >> there's a framework of a framework of a framework. >> very well. >> you're hosting "this week" on sunday. i assume you'll have things to discuss. chuck schumer, jon kyl, joran g i joining jon karl. >>> some somber news this morning. we begin with the death of a true mill they're hero. a man president obama has called an american original. he was a four-star general. but most americans simply knew him as stormin' norman. in 1990, norman schwarzkopf was a little-known army general looking towards retirement. a west point graduate and decorated officer for his service in vietnam, he spent his entire life in the army. but when saddam hussein invaded kuwait in 1990, stormin' norman became a household name. as the leader of the u.s.-led international coalition that quickly drove iraqi forces out of kuwait, schwarzkopf achieved rock star status. he returned from the persian gulf a national hero. and was awarded the medal of freedom for se
package, one that ensures taxes don't rison middle and lower income americans. in washington, sally kidd, wbal tv 11 news. >>> house will hold a rare sunday session. votes are scheduled for early evening but smeeker boehner isn't expected to put anything on the floor for a vote unless he is sure that it can pass. also this sunday, president obama will be david gregory's guest on "meet the press." you can watch the interview right here tomorrow at 10 a.m. >>> the fourth strike averted at least for now. the long shore man's union agreed to extend their expiring contract for 30 days. it puts off a threatened sunday strike at 15 ports across the country including here in baltimore. a strike would have crippled operations along the ports. it's reported major steps have been taken toward resolving the on going dispute. >>> carl snow, director of civil rights for the maryland attorney general's office, will retire on january 8th. the ag's office made that announcement friday. this decision comes amid some legal problems for snoweden. he was convicted last month of marijuana possession and has a
calling into the show lately, they all keep trying to fault one person for the people since. i don't believe in abortion but i am pro-choice because it is not my choice to condemn anybody for doing a sin to themselves. god will judge them. i should never put my beliefs on somebody else and then judge of them. host: you said that religion is affecting your political decisions less lately and you said what their reelection of president obama. can you explain that a little bit more? caller: say it again? host: you said earlier religion is impacting your political decisions less this time around. why is that? caller: not less -- i said now that what is happening is people are judging our presidents on the laws and things he may or may not agree with -- he may not, i do not know which way. politicians should never make laws for his own religious beliefs. host: florence, ky. democratic caller. caller: the other day they had represented the brown on and a tape of him as saying the world is only 9000 years old going off the literal translation. people like that generally lack the ability t
speaker? >> we don't know. right now, all eyes on the senate to see what senate majority leader harry reid can cobble together to get some republican support. technically, it's still possible to come to an agreement. that said, politically is a different story, and the prospects for coming to a deal are starting to dim. right now, we're hearing a whole lot of the blame game. a lot of public posturing from both sides as they prepare for the possibility of going over the cliff. let's listen to harry reid. >> we are here in washington working while members of the house of representatives are out watching movies and watching their kids play soccer and basketball and doing all kinds of things. they should be here. >> now, the speaker of the house, john boehner, sort of retorting to reid, ali. in a conference call he said the leaders should do more -- or pardon me. less talking and more legislating. he wants the senate to take up a bill that the house has already passed to extend all rates and either take it up in whole or amend it. amending it, and changing that threshold down to closer to what
don't -- i think they-- it will be hard to go entirely to the middle because i think the electorate, the ones who did not vote for barack obama voted against this vision and voted against it very strongly and i think the republicans would put that at risk if they went too far to the middle. >> okay. when we come back, states have changed from kansas to michigan, to rhode island, reform is in the air. find out how some states are bucking the washington trend next. thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my motr was so wrong about you. next, we get priory boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's the plan? plan? mm-hmm. we're on vacation. there is no plan. really? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. the mileage card with speci perks on united. get it and you're in. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the
a fatal officer involved shooting. in tonti town and that is the northwestern area. we don't have too many details but we will be updating it on our website throughout the evening. >> many parts of the country are enduring freezing rain, and mark has more on that. >> reporter: a massive crash in oklahoma shutting down all traffic. 21 vehicles piled up and blizzard conditions blanketed much of the area. lubbock texas needed to be cleared. >> it is the most people traveling in six-years. >> reporter: black ice stranded drivers and one wife got a stuck car moving and wouldn't risk stopping again. >> i had to stop and that is as far as i went. >> reporter: severe weather is hitting san francisco hard. and the storms are expected to increase in strength. delivering another heavy blow to the mid-west tomorrow and ten inches to some parts of arkansas. winds at over 40 miles per hour and traveling home could be worse over the next few days. some of the storms will make travelling hazardous. >> in texas it is not snow, but tornadoes they are dealing with. you can see the damage they are dealing wit
. >> a lot of people don't know that we will automatically see a 2% did he address in our take- home tax. >> are you angry that we're even in this situation? >> not so much angry. just frustrated and, you know, just confused by it all, the lack of willingness to strike a deal should. what would you like lawmakers to give you regarding the fiscal cliff? >> compromise. i want them to come together and fix this problem. >> come together for a common goal. >> we really need a solution here. >> give back to the citizens, especially the hard working ones such as myself. >> coming to a compromise on spending. >> i think we're going to go over the cliff. >> we need to come together, because if we don't we'll fall apart. >> what, three days, four days left? >> reporter: yeah. >> we'll good over the cliff but i don't think there's going to be any long-term deal. >> can you please not raise our taxes. >> if anything, they'll make a short-term deal to kick the can down the road a bit. >> i'm very concerned. i think they need to put their personal vendettas behind them, and once that is achieved, the
rain and snow showers. i don't expect these to produce much accumulation, however, the wind will continue to be a factor tonight and through the day tomorrow in particular. wind gusts reaching 40 at a minimum. high wind advisory up. we have seen gusts up to 40 wilmington. right as it crossed central maryland, it is below freezing in frederick and's ton. so tonight, 34, some rain and snow, windy. we will talk about how things will change through the day tomorrow and the next storm pushing in saturday. all those di tails coming up. >> thanks wyatt everhart. that wind is already causing problems. we checked with people in towson. no street lights or home lights. we are seeing power outages. we have watched bge's power outage numbers. 1800 people are in the dark right no. not too bad. most in hartford and baltimore counties. as we brace for high wind, the highway administration is warning people to stay off the road until morning because they would freeze overnight. but driving here shh nothing compared to the midwest. record snow on the ground tonight in the midwest. these pic
mobile device. you can don't load our apps on there you can see all the apps we provide and we're having a sale. >>> we'll also be bringing you special reports while the system is over maryland. we'll have cut-ins and a special live show from 9:00 to 10:00. >>> more now on a breaking news update. we're hearing more from the defense team for the man charged with killing phylicia barnes. we learned that he's in a sex tape with the victim and her older sister. a really bizarre twist here. >> the defense tells me they know about the tape but they were holding off on using it to protect the relationship of phylicia barnes and her family. now they have no choice than to use it to defend their client michael johnson. >> reporter: a team of attorneys is coming up with a plan on how a sex tape will play into the trial. michael johnson is charged with killing phylicia barnes, a north carolina teen visiting her family in baltimore for christmas two years ago. >> what's disturbing is one of the people happened to be an si engaged in sexual conduct. it's not with johnson. it's with a
the weared dos and don'ts. >> don't take a zillion pictures and videos. >> reporter: histic to new iphone. >> my first reaction was -- his ticket to a new iphone. >> my first reaction was why did she do this. >> i wanted to show him to be a responsible user of technology without abusing it without becoming addicted. >> reporter: her message struck a cord with parents worried about the increasing use of smart phones. more than 50 million iphones are projected to sell this holiday season alone. many to teens just like greg. teen behavior expert says a set of rules is a must for teen iphone use. >> you wouldn't give your kid a car without insurance and so, giving them a cell phone or a computer without teaching them how to use it responsibly is irresponsible on the part of the parent. >> reporter: among the 18 conditions, number 7. >> do not involve yourself in conversations that are hurtful to others. >> reporter: and number 12 a lesson some celebrities could use this year. take note rihanna. >> don't send or receive pictures your private parts or anyone else. >> reporter: she iser inous ab
the president's last offer after we go over. >> wait a minute. you don't necessarily see any of the developments today as progress per se? >> no, i don't. in fact, if you actually listened theord the thoeks are s saying to each oh, we're here but not willing to talk to each other about anything substantive, and it's also very difficult for me to imagine any new kind of offer or plan coming into the mix that could be absorbed in a matter of days so base include all the offers are on the table and i don't see a clear political path to any one of them prior to going over the cliff. >> you know, rick santelli, i love this country. i chose to move to this country, but i'm getting very frustrated with the leaders of this country. >> welcome to america. >> they are teaching us fiscal irresponsibility. want us to pay our mortgage on time, pay our taxes on time when they seem to not be able to do anything on time themselves. >> well, that's a softball for you, rick. >> and the entire argument that, you know, the wealthy, they don't mind. they vote for higher taxes. they don't spend the money anyway. tell
hutchison's name. and my son is having a -- an asthma attack. in houston. and i don't know how to get him the help he needs. he's in his apartment by himself. and my staff said please give me the information, and we will call our houston office and we will see if we can get help. which they did, called the houston office. the houston office called 911, they went out to the young man's apartment, and he was, in fact, in a dire circumstance, and would have died had he not gotten help right away. but they took him in, they gave him the help that he needed, and that man -- young man is alive today. so this -- these instances are some of the great memories that i will have of having a wonderful staff that will go the extra mile and try to help the individuals in our state as well as on the big issues where we also try to make sure that we do everything we can to get something that's very important to us, whether it's to america or to texas or to texans or to americans. and these are some of the memories that i will take with me as i leave this great body. and as i said in my actual formal fare
be more even-handed here dealing with the unions? >> well, i really don't know. you never know what this president is going to say and what policies are going to come out, but the longshoremen is an influential union. to see him go on the other side of it would be surprising, probably take a step back and not intervene too much. so, you know, it's a look and see and a wait and see, quite frankly. but if this does happen, the ripple effect is going to be tremendous because you're going to see prices go up there as well. and that's going to be passed onto the consumer. so, either way, we're talking about more money out of the pocket of individuals, regardless, you know, how this thing, you know, comes to to be. >> and this could also have serious effects on commodities markets, particularly oil. one of the ports affected houston. a lot of oil goes in on ought of that port. >> yeah, i mean, david when we hear the news reports and instead of looking at them and going on to the next story, understand that these stories are a direct, you know, impact on your wallet. so, if these -- if the
the cliffs for the market or to have a pared down deal that the marnlts don't like. >> they probably have some kind of deal that probably spares the majority of middle-class americans and tax cuts that prevents this sort of chaotic automatic spending cuts and things like that but think in general the markets have lost their patience with the process. i think a failure to come to a deal would be a reminder of what as seen on paper seems obvious. even that is not likely. so i think a small deal is better than no deal, but, you know, as mike said we're heading for another fight just like last summer the summer of 2011 when the debt ceiling was kind of held hostage to this process. >> which industries are really affected? who's going to be hit by this? >> the spending cuts kind of hit all at once. it's probably the defense that's probably the number one industry that gets hit but there's all kinds of unintended and unexplored areas that get affected. for instance what happens to the food prices. it's not part of the fiscal cliff package but there's a farm subsidy bill th
from the gulf that's just enhancing it. what does that mean for today? we don't have a tornado watch yet, but i anticipate we'll see one for this afternoon, especially for the areas highlighted in the brighter orange color. good risk for a moderate risk for the risk of tornadoes, hail and possible damaging winds. some of these winds could get up to 50 miles per hour or greater. if it's not enough where we have the lightning and thunder and rain we also have dense fog. make it any more dangerous to see if there e's debris blown apart. this is really tough this morning for those that are traveling. be very careful with the fog out there and snow building in later today and tonight. a real mess for this christmas. i hope everyone can stay inside as much as possible. >> lots for you to watch. you are a very busy girl on this christmas morning. all right, bonnie, thank you. >> and on this christmas morning, a community mourning another senseless shooting tragedy. this time in upstate new york where four fire fighters were shot, two fatally, after being lured into a sniper's trap on christ
driver's license checks and, if needed, a sobriety test. >> do what you have to do but don't drink and drive. >> apparently an extra reminder is needed. during the week before christmas the chp made 1,171dui arrests statewide compared to 980 in 2011. fatalities were up more than double during this period. 39 compared to 14 last year. >> you know, i think people are a little more depressed this year. i think they are going out trying to find a relief for whatever pressures they have. >> i know a few. >> ben smith said he has friends who have had to pay the price for a dui arrest. >> it's expensive. i'm hearing different numbers. last time that i had a buddy, like $6,000 or something like that. i've heard $10,000. >> businesses like the pier 15 restaurant and bar say they will call a cab or drive a customer home themselves. they say it's worth it for both patron and customer. >> that's why we have returning customers all the time because we do care about our customers. >> they are offering water in between drinks and saying do you have a ride home? >> and this through years eve, jess
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